“Kidnapping Incites Years of Murderous Doom” by Adam Parker Smith and “Trails” by Eric Shaw two new solo shows now at The Hole NYC

Dear Shaded Viewers,

This is the second solo show of Adam Parker Smith at The Hole. He juxtaposes ancient Greek themes and archeological displays with the poppy, shiny appeal of a 99 cent store. He casts mylar balloons with resin, reinforces them with fiberglass and foam and then assembles them into what looks like weightless configurations with steel. In this show Adam makes his own mylar balloons shaped like vases or arms, taking the material into a new and even more absurd context.

Eric Shaw exhibits 7 new acrylic paintings that are thickets of line and color with compositions created from his improvisation on the canvas and from sketching on a phone app, going back and forth between the painting and the program to make abstract but suggetive images riffing on coroporate logos and street signage.

the Hole

312 Bowery



till November 19th

Diane Pernet

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