Tea with Nelly Zagury of Holy Faya and my AKA necklace photos by Marco de Rivera


Dear Shaded Viewers,

I met Nelly Zagury a few years ago through my friend Ophra Shemesh. They met when Nelly was working with Matthew Barney and Ophra was sure that I would like the work of Nelly, she was right. The inspiration for the collection is a Brooklyn Princess who is dreaming about Hawaii. She has never been there but the dream is from her Brooklyn perception.

Holy Faya is the union of the artist Nelly Zagury and the industrial designer Celia Elmasu. I like their own description of themselves “two women hacking technology to create their fantasies. Please visit their site to learn more about them and of course listen to Nelly in the videos above. Meanwhile I lift the sword and make a wish.





Diane Pernet

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