Zebra Katz: Blk & Wht Directed by Ada Bligaard Soby

Dear Shaded Viewers,

As a long time follower of the films by Ada Bligaard Soby I am happy to bring you her latest.

The American rapper returns with a visceral imagining of loss and displacement

For his latest video, Ojay Morgan, aka hip hop artist Zebra Katz, enlisted Danish director Ada Bligaard Søby—known for her work with artists including Trentmøller and Devendra Banhart—for a cinematic interpretation of the experiences of refugees living in and around her native Copenhagen. Here, she talks about the project: 

“The idea for this video was born from the most haunting track that ever landing in my inbox. It inspired this film featuring the anxiety of immigrants fueled by fear in search of sanctuary, and being searched for while they are in this place between places. The genius Aartcast in Copenhagen orchestrated an open casting for immigrants and refugees currently living in Denmark.

“We filmed in the forest surrounding Copenhagen and the cast bravely re-lived their experience as refugees”

Official music video for “Blk & Wht” out now on ZFK Records by Zebra Katz & Kashaka. Get it on iTunes: http://apple.co/2uF7YDrWritten By: Zebra…
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