The Mere Future, a Group Show at American Medium curated by Tim Gentles

 The Mere Future is an exhibition examining the relationship between artistic production and the erosion of the public sphere. In varying ways, the seven artists in this exhibition take the urban landscape as emblematic of the constellations of social and economic power that undergird the art world. At a moment when the President of the United States is an ex-property developer, many of the exhibition’s works carry explicit or implicit traces of New York City’s voracious real estate market.


The Exhibition Directory Board, listing of the artists, an art piece from Devon Dikeou (on ongoing series since 1992)


t-9429-web_origNils Norman contributes a series of plans for a proposed redevelopment of Battery Park City, including a redesign of Richard Artschwager’s public art piece “Sitting Stance” as a gentrification advice kiosk, presented here for the first time since they were shown at American Fine Arts Co., New York in 1999.


Marc Kokopeli references Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree series with his own version, virtually unchanged from the original, a melancholic acknowledgement of a political imaginary in stalemate as much as a call to reconstruct the future.


Devon Dikeou presents also a sculpture she first showed in 1992, a replica of one the planters in the lobby of Trump Tower.


A drawing from Stephen Kaltenbach, “What Death Does”, 1970/2017 Graphite on paper

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The Show The Mere Future curated by Tim Gentels is Open til’ August 6th

American Medium – 424 Gates Ave. Brooklyn, NY