Carolin Holzhuber SS17

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Carolin Holzhuber is an Austrian shoe designer whose SS17 collection is titled ‘NO’ as a show of rejection: a rejection against the fashion system, against profit-oriented design. Indeed Carolin’s work is entirely handmade with the exception of the carbon-fibre soles, which are manufactured specially for her shoes. Normally a material associated with sporting equipment (I guess), this designer investigated in her graduate collection how carbon could be used in footwear. Now into her 3rd season out of school, I wasn’t able to see all of Carolin Holzhuber’s shoes when I visited VOID Showroom as one or two pairs were with Lily Gatins for the day. Not a bad sign…

Happy Thursday,


SS17 NO1 side Carolin Holzhuber SS17 NO2 side Carolin Holzhuber

Sophie Joy Wright