Dear Diane and Shaded viewers,

The leading edge and legendary Sonar festival kicked off with an innovative and creative, technolgical bang via the essential Sonar D+! by presenting an exclusive talk by Brian Eno. His talk reemphasised the importance of art in our culture today as a way to create balance and meaning in society, pointing out that science and technological innovation alone aren't enough, and to be wary of growing neo-liberal attitudes and education systems, which in effect are dumbing down our younger generations with their systems that don't teach kids anyyhing, but how to get good marks, contra to individual creative learning. Eno also spoke about the dangerous decision making processes of contemporary politicians, which are based purely on ecomomic terms. The themes that ran through his presentation were like a blood line, interlinking and reemphaising simple but important societal and cultural values we all needed to hear again. He also told the artists in the audience not to give up, but to keep fighting, stressing how artists are more important now than ever and are the ones that pull society into the future, through vital and challenging art making processes utilising political discourse, digital transparency, science, technology and activism….bravo to Brian Eno for the miracle of him coming to Barcelona!

more to follow Sonar and Sonar+D

bessos from Barcelona,










Alexandra Murray-Leslie

Alex is an artistic researcher and co-founder of the art band Chicks on Speed. She is currently Professor, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Honorary Industry Fellow, Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, University of Technology Sydney.