Sita Diabla directed by Francesco Calabrese for Spanish artist Sita Abellán – Curation Hour



Sita Abellán releases a new short occult horror short film, which comes in the form of a music video for her recently released track “DIABLA.” The film comes as a collaboration with filmmaker Francesco Calabrese, known for his story-driven, visually striking work in both the narrative and commercial fields.

The film, which juxtaposes the famed 90’s Spanish clubbing movement Ruta Del Bakalao with a period piece set in the 1600s, is a story of resilience and survival in a world where all aspects of society are hell-bent on conforming those who deviate from the norm. In the video, Sita and others like her are condemned as witches due to their “abnormal appearances” (featuring Sita’s iconic blue hair) and hunted by the townsfolk.

Director’s Statement

“I’ve been trying to shoot a narrative music video for a while now but, for some reason, never

really had the chance—often because the song structure wouldn’t allow it or because the artists

or labels weren’t so keen on landing their music to something that’s not music-centric. Luckily,

Sita and her team were very open to going the other way, and the track itself is – strangely

enough – very cinematic. Sita’s acting skills came naturally, along with the willingness to

immerse herself in the character and the world we’ve built around her, not to mention the fact

that she brought along some amazing actors and, to top it all off, an icon of European cinema

like Rossy de Palma.” – Francesco Calabrese



Director: Francesco Calabrese (@ffccffccffcc)

Cinematographer: Alessandro Ubaldi (@ubaldi.alessandro)

Editor: Filippo Patelli (@fil.dalfuturo)

Costume designer: Nerea Torrijos (@nerth)

Art directors: Sandra Prat, Sara Ferran 


Production: Illmatic Film Group (@illmatic_film_group_company)

Executive producer: Jacopo Pica (@jacopo.pica)

Co-Executive Producer: Francesco Calabrese

In association with: Enrico De Candia for SITA MGMT


Spain production: L’UPUNTVUIT (@lupuntvuit)

Producers: Manel Serrat, Atzar Vilanova 

with the participation of

Rossy de Palma 



Sita Abellan (@sitabellan)

Lola Rodríguez (@lolarodriguez)

Brays Efe (@braysefe)

Leïti Sene 

Ana Sting 

Ariadna Chillida 

Cris Biedma 

Isa Abellan 

Enrico de Candia 

Elena Manchado del Rey


Torturer: O.S.O. 

Witch N2: Natalia Ramírez 

King: Enrico de Candia 

Queen: Belin Boix 

Judge: Jose Mata 

Preist: Eduard Serra 

Prisoner: Ariadna Serra 

Military: Adam Purtí 

Military1: Toni Valle 

Military2: Ugo Boulard 

Military3: Enric Moreu 

Guard: Joel Ávila 

Nun: Laura Casanovas 

Aristocrat: Cristina Terzi 

Horse Man: Jordi Serra 


Albert Castanyer 

Norbert Palazón 

Gemma Martí 

Albert Ramírez 

Kike Rasal 

Martí Pasqual 


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