Dear Shaded Viewers,

If the real meaning of Christmas is to share love and bring joy, then here is a good suggestion for your xmas needs:

WWW.SHOPFORSYRIA.TUMBLR.COM is a small project to raise funds for the refugee crisis in Europe. It’s an online auction called Shop for Syria and… it is now live:

and direct to the store:

In a nutshell, it is a  holiday sale with charitable intent to benefit the 60 million people currently displaced by the refugee crisis in Europe, in partnership for UNHCR. Shop for Syria wants  their friends and extended network to all buy presents and dig deep to give stocking filler money to people who need it this year.

Brands+ partners like: COS, Diptyque, Edition Hotel, Jimmy Fallon show, Karma Books, Mandy Coon, Pamela Love, Philip Lim, Rough Trade, SIA (Grammy Award winner) Soho Grand, Versace++ so much more

1. SHOP the sale 

2. Tell everyone about it -via instagram + #shopforsyria


Here are some facts care of our partners at UNHCR

  • In 2014, nearly 60 million people (59.5 million) have been displaced
  • This is more people than in NY and California combined
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