Richard Quinn BA collection presented during PFW

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers, 

Whilst I feel I’ve seen half-half dresses before, Quinn has a certain spark about him that’s jumped over into his designs. Despite the fact that he’s worked in some of the most prestigious houses, including Cristian Dior Couture, there’s an egalitarian sense that ‘anyone can make a dress out of anything’ with all his pieces fabricated in simple canvas. He also used fake flowers that you get at a $2 store, and embroidered silk that he found at an old English factory. More immediately noticeable were the beautifully hand-painted flowers; incredibly gestural, and cleverly merged into screen-printed camouflage, which itself was covered in glitter. It’s immediate, and immediately likeable. The cracking paint was also a nice touch, giving even more life to these already exuberant dresses.

This is more of an introduction to Quinn’s work, and he’s currently finishing his MA collection at Central Saint Martins; something to look out for come February next year. 

Happy Wednesday, 




Sophie Joy Wright