Notes on the composer/producer of Vivienne Westwood’s show sound tracks for the last 8 seasons…Dominik EMRICH

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I know you love music and sometimes inquire about show sound tracks, here is a little information on the Vivienne Westwood sound design created by Dominik Emrich who by the way has created the music for Westwood for the past 8 seasons both for the Red Label, Gold Label and MAN.

Show music is written and produced by Dominik Emrich:

 "A masked ballerina looking for refuge, pirouetting through the outskirts of space! The almighty on her heals she tries to find her sacral identity in the confession box at the port church in Montecarlo. The European petticoat of Eternity, she dances exhaustively! Trying hard to find HER-robe in Eu-rope, on a space mission, our ballerina sweeps across the dance floor of “mirror world” in contemplative perseverance, the disco balls of desire reflecting in nightly sun-fire, the sure fire of the sun-god setting the world ablaze with his hairdryer, A tragically magic night in Venice! The soundtrack continues the SS16 Red Label finale with ’ambigious' variations.'



Diane Pernet

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