Sao Paulo Fashion Week Day 2

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One of the highlights of today was the meeting with Vivienne Westwood who is in Sao Paulo for the launch of her collaboration with Melissa, the biggest shoe brand in Sao Paulo.

Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler and the collaboration with Melissa shoes

Vintage Vivienne Westwood Shoes in her Exhibit in the Bienal Building – 2nd floor

Paulo Borges,The founder of Sao Paulo Fashion Week and Eduardo from Melissa with the curator of the Vivienne Westwood exhibition.

Graca Cabral

After the private showing of the exhibition Vivienne Westwood held a press conference. She explained why she collaborated with Melissa and how the signature shoe was inspired by animals. There are 4 bumps where the toes fit which give an animal atmosphere to her shoes. The inspiration for the shoe is half goat and half fawn. It had been 16 years since her last trip to Sao Paulo for which she guards a great memory and she is now looking forward to her trip to the Amazon.

Vivienne spoke just a little bit about her Manifesto which proposes that people be discriminating with their consumption. She wants people to choose well and buy less and more special and in fact she would like to produce less. She also told the funny story of Naomi falling from her shoes and how it was not the shoes but Naomi’s rubber hose that caused her to fall. Naomi laughed on stage but was furious with Vivienne for the fall and when she had to do the show a second time because the venue was so small, she said if she fell again then Viv herself would have to come out and pick her up because she was not going to move. She did the show and did not fall again.

The first show was Tereza Santos which was a 1970’s revival.

Robb Young and Akiko Ichikawa at the Tereza Santos show, the two were feeling a bit rough after the Osklen party last night

Tereza Santos photos by Agencia Fotosite

Tereza Santos photos by Agencia Fotosite

We went to lunch at the Museum where we ran into the designer , Tereza Santos. From left to right: Saran Koly, Liberation, Robb Young, Financial Times, Tereza Santos, Akiko Ichikawa, Vogue Japan, Sameer Reddy, Newsweek. Colin McDowell and I after the Tereza Santos show.

Next was the Maria Bonita show which felt a bit like Maison Martin Margiela meets Prada but I really liked it.
Maria Bonita photos by Agencia Fotosite
Maria Bonita photos by Agencia Fotosite

On our way back to visit Erika Palomino’s crew at work, we passed by the friendly giraffes.




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