GIAN KAMAL SS16 capsule sleep and leisure wear collection

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Corinna Springer is the founder of Gian Kamal the new brand of sleep and leisure wear that has been designed to evoke a certain lightness of being. The definition of the brand name gian kamal means 'consciousness of the pure lotus' think of the lotus flower with its roots in the soil yet its petals are rising above the muddy waters, beautiful and radiant.Corinna is an energy worker, artist as well as the founder of nouveau-pr. The brand was created  as a marriage of art, healing and fashion. The merging of these elements results in a  wearable product that encourages healing and joy. The collection consists of loose fitting trousers, kimonos and kaftans.  Gian Kamal would like you to think of her collection as a ritual tool for sleep, meditation and lounging.

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Diane Pernet

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