NORITAMY — London Fashion Week, Off The Catwalks

Dear Shaded Readers,
What is it about the forces of destruction and the compulsions of beauty that seem so intertwined?  Elinor Avni, the ravishing designer behind accessories label NORITAMY, decided that this season she would salute some of the world's most explosive places.  Taking a cue from the unfathomable power unleashed by volcanoes like Mount Etna, Orosi and Harra, she spent much of the summer studying the incredible textures created by tephra — the rock fragments created from a volcanic eruption.  But make no mistake, these sublime creations are not made from the rare rocks she foraged from around the world.  That would hardly be a challenge for the likes of her….
After much investigation, incredibly, Avni developed a man-made technique to mimic nature in a way that might even fool the gods themselves.   In her hands, an elusive icy white material emulates the tephra found at spectacular ice volcanes while jet black stone gets transformed into glorious halos of lava spew.  It takes someone truly gifted to come full circle like this.  Don't miss her gold, silver and gem ranges either at Somerset House today and tomorrow during London Fashion Week.  Or pass by the Kabiri boutique for her current selling season.  Whatever you do, put NORITAMY to memory.  

Later, Robb