Le Corbusier Measures de l’Homme 29 April – 3 August Centre Pompidou

Dear Shaded Viewers,

"Le Corbusier-Mesures de l'homme" offers a new interpretation of the work of Le Corbusier through three hundred works of art focusing on the human figure. His work is an analysis of the human body, in geometrical, sensorial and spiritual terms. The exhibition explores his architecture and design but also the visual arts- painting and sculpture – and the literary side: writings on his work, poetry and correspondence with his teachers, friends and family. He was a visionary architect, urban planner, theorist of modernity, painter and sculptor. Man, the body and sensation are all essential points in the work of Le Corbusier. The exhbition is a journey through the labrinth of his work and projects from his beginnings in the Swiss Jura to his death in the Mediterranean by way of Paris and many other travels and from his architecture to his visual artwork and his writings. 





Diane Pernet

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