Moooi is always the best at Salone del Mobile 2015

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Salone del Mobile or Design Week if you like was full of many things to discover. However I paid a visit to Moooi. For the 3rd time in a row, Moooi transformed the monumental space of 1.700 m2, by showcasing an assembly of inspirational living quarters, timeless product haikus and a new carpet collection. It was a fantasy voyage into the breath-taking depths of beauty, design and glamour. A space where emotions and feelings were free to blossom and express their intensity in response to an artistic and surreal world.

21 settings in a fascinating combination of 9 home environments, which inspired everyone with their sense of style and 12 poetic haiku compositions, which majestically revealed how Moooi’s furniture and lighting products can be combined to complement each other perfectly.

Simultaneously, a selection of 39 artistic photographs by Rahi Rezvani was exhibited an was part of each installation, generating an emotional vision into the mysteries of the human souls, image by image. 'All people are different, but some are more different than others'* explains Moooi’s Art Director and Co-Founder Marcel Wanders, thus explaining one of the reasons that brought him to single out Rahi Rezvani’ photography as the perfect match for the Moooi presentation. There is a strong affinity between Rahi’s art and Moooi’s designs, for both parties create beauty in an uncommon way and generate strong reactions in the spectators by challenging their imagination. “We are really proud to be the first brand to present the photography of Rahi Rezvani to the world of design. Its style and beauty blend perfectly with the interesting lighting pieces and amazing furniture of Moooi’s new collection”, reveals Marcel Wanders about the artistic cooperation.

The result of this team of creative minds is an astonishingly world where contemporaneity meets r

Giorgia Cantarini

Fashion has always been her true calling since she started working as fashion editor and stylist with publications of the likes of Made05, Rolling Stone, Grazia, Glamour,, i-d,,, La Repubblica and Hunger, always cultivating a side interest in artistic perfumery and everything curious, from travels to music, from food to digital. She is also contributor for VOGUE ITALIA for the talents section and Esquire Italy. Her passion lies in discovering new fashion trends, emerging designers and interviewing interesting people all over the world. She also has started to work as stylist for shows and presentations, among the brands Giorgia works with you can find: Situationist, Ssheena, Ellassay, Birkenstock. Diane Pernet is her mentor and one of the most important people in Giorgia’s life.