ROHKA – the scarf collection Text by Ian Phin (half of ROHKA)

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Years ago I encountered Maria Restrepo and Ian Phin aka Rohka when they put on, what I found to be, the most innovative presentation in Milan. I've followed their career ever since. Today Ian sent me these images and the sweet story that goes behind them.

" I always try and do photos of the scarves that are not just documenting them, but really committing a moment – letting people see what scents are in the air and letting them taste a little of whatever is going through our minds ….   so it is a little like our ‘runway’

Anyway for weeks it has been raining, foggy or even snow here and I was struggling to think what to do in time.  Indoors was out as we don't have any lights, and my camera is a pocket size cheap tourist thing, so no technology to lean on !.., Dani, our son, now 8, asked why i was stressed out.  I told him and he said it doesn’t matter if they aren’t nice photos because what we do is so cool !  And the sun has to shine sooner or later !

He was so right – Sunday the sun shone, and all three of us (and dog) went out into the garden, armed with a couple of helium balloons, some great winter sunshine and no plans.  What followed was an afternoon of incredible fun, laughing and chasing scarves.. and I think the photos show that we were enjoying ourselves.

Monday it started to rain again, and today its snowing – that afternoon feels so like a dream now !



Diane Pernet

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