antoine Kruk – Exposition IMPOSSIBLE PARISIENNE opened 3 February until 28 February

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Tomorrow I will be attending the opening of the antoine Kruk – Exposition IMPOSSIBLE PARISIENNE probably if you see his illustrations and you read Caroline de Maigret's book you will have a true view of what it is like to be a Parisienne from the Parisennes.

There will be about 60 drawings, between humour, fashion and the 'air du temps', also a few original drawings from the series "Oh les filles!" regularly published in Madame Figaro.

He chose the word "Impossible" because in French it is both  a compliment and a critic, so negative and positive at the same time. La parisienne is a contrast of the 'impossible' in every sense of the word, she is at the same time amazing, unbearable and extraordinary at the same time.

It is Antoine Kruk's second exhibition at the galerie ARILUDIK after his first on CRAZY HORSE. 



Diane Pernet

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