Dear Shaded Viewers,

"Why film on the very last day of his life" AF: …if I covered his whole life…the movie is 90 minutes…if I concentrated on one lunch it is a 90 minute movie…" We locked into the last day because we could focus on the work he was doing November 1975…this guy lived through World War 2 inside of Italy…the rise of the Christian Democrats….one day is long enough for me."

Willem Defoe, we have a pact, we work together, we are partners in crime..this is our 4th film. A director without an actor…I don't know…

Willem has the ability to transform himself….but getting into the soul of the guy has to be pure….him and I really…Pasolini meant so much for us before we did the film…You just cannot help but admire the guy…you talk to people about him 40 years later…you never hear one negative thing about him…

"He died young, he was still 10 years younger than me which is still pretty old ." 

"How much of Pasolini do you have in you?" AB:  "He did not know who I was I cannot see him watching the driller killer. I grew up watching his films he did not grow up watching mine..those were the films that made you want to make films….the films are coming out of his intellect, his political activisim, his whole life…he was a pretty impressive dude.."
I had the great pleasure of meeting Abel Ferrara in Paris 10 years ago when he premiered Mary and I was friends with a close friend of his.
And a link to The Driller Killer:(1979)


Diane Pernet

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