‘Our Lady of Shoreditch’ The unique Christmas Tree by Ed Marler at Ace Hotel London Shoreditch within Hoi Polloi

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Broken plates, gold hamburgers, even a baby…a special commissioned xmas tree 'Our Lady Of Shoreditch' within Hoi Polloi at Ace Hotel London Shoreditch. I'm partial to the cutlery crown that circles 'Our Lady of Shoreditch' who holds a small child decorated with traditional pearl buttons inspired by East End Pearly Queens.

25-year old Marler, who recently held his first show at London Fashion Week as part of Fashion East, says his dream Christmas gift would be a pair of the Manolo Blannik shoes worn by the male models in his show.  A regular at Hoi Polloi, he says: "The afternoon teas are fabulous, especially the cake that looks like a pumpkin with googly eyes.  I'm there most Thursday nights and always have a Fantabulosa [cocktail]."



Diane Pernet

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