Anndra Neen Spring Summer 2015

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I met Phoebe and Annette Stephens,the designers behind the brand ANNDRA NEEN when I was in Mexico City about 4 years ago.We met through my friend Griffan. They are presenting their collection September 8th in collaboration with UNDER OUR SKY in Soho.Their presentation will be held at a private residence in SoHo in collaboration with Lorena Saravia, a Mexican ready-to-wear designer who exclusively created a multicolored collection to compliment thedesigners inspiration for this season. Usually it works the other way around…accessories so this is an interesting turn of events. The sisters drew their inspration from the Russian Suprematist movement founded by artist Kazimir Malevich in the early 20's, think about Kandinsky and Rodchenko. The brand has been around since April 2009 so I guess I did meet them pretty much at the beginning of their career. 



Diane Pernet

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