Vaczine 1 by Walt Cessna

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Long time friend Walter Cessna has given birth to his new magazine "It’s a paradox, the title Walt Cessna chose for his latest body of work—a provocative collection of photographs in which the concept of ‘body’ is addressed on a number of levels. A paradox, since according to the standard definitions offered through layman’s terms and common logic, it seems to contradict itself. 

Most of us are familiar with the lone wolf archetype, and could reasonably establish that various permutations of this fiercely independent creature [employment of scare quotes notwithstanding] are what and who he’s presented here: namely, the runt forced out of the pack. The outsider. The marginalized. The queer-not-gay. The option not offered on the drop-down menu. Yet, when assembled together in a group—specifically, that of a ‘wolfpack’—doesn’t the act of assembly itself cause two opposing ideas to butt heads? 
Therein—or rather, herein—the power of paradox exists." Blurb 

It is hard cover, 170 pages and available to order by print on demand at

Diane Pernet

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