Haus of John James aka Honour thy Lovers is offering you a beautiful gift in celebration of the upcoming planetary Great Conjunction

Dear Shaded Viewers,

If you have never visited the Haus of John James or experienced one of her ceremonies or tarot card readings…no time to be wasted. In celebration of December 21st when the planetary Great Conjunction will signify the close of this year and a major alignment of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, that occurs about once ever 20 years…this particular degree has not been seen for about 800 years, not since 1226 and it will create a phenomenon in the night sky called the ‘Bethlehem Star’ or “Kissing Stars'” and those of you who know about the musical Hair will have been forewarned about the Age of Aquarius.

As a gift to you, that means a gift at no cost, John James has c reated a ceremonial guide that you can use as an outline for your own ceremonial guide that you can use as an outline for your own ceremonial practice at home. In it she invites you to explore your mind, play with herbs, flavours, scents and thoughts. There is also a complimentary collective tarot reading to help jumpstart your ceremonial process. Download the pdf here

And…I suggest you experience the ritual of the tarot with her personally or it can also be done online. I speak from experience and endorse her highly.

Blessings to all from John James.



Diane Pernet

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