YOU CAN DO IT: An installation by Luna Cohen-Solal about challenges, motivation, and a souffl

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There are a few people in my life that I've known from birth, Luna Cohen-Solal is one of them. Luna is a French artist based in the UK since 2011 and her work encompasses various media such as video, text and installation. Her mother, Prisca Lobjoy, is a video artist and her father Philippe Cohen Solal, a musician/composer/producer, so let's just say creativity is part of her DNA. She has been studying a Music and Visual Art BA at the University of Brighton and she is a practising DJ under the pseudonym Moonchild and works as music-editor of London-based arts magazine Avenir.

YOU CAN DO IT explores our society's obsession with self-help principles and motivational aphorisms, highlighting the emptiness of such statements in the face of the uncertainties inherent to the process of learning. She references experimental video art from Bruce Nauman's 1960's work as well as You Tube Culture. Think about it, You Tube was launched in 2009…Other references are Laure Provost's ironic signs and the visual potential of text in line with artists like Lauwrence Weiner to Mikko Kuroinki. Through the videos you will be able to follow the artist as she engages in a series of practical and intellectual activities that represent a personal challenge, such as playing drums, making a souffle or learning Hungarian. Each of her self-imposed taks act as a metaphor for any given learning process; and the installation may be understood as a composite, symbolic representation of the challenges of an emerging creative practice.

The work has been shortlisted for an award delivered by the University of Nagoya.

University of Brighton Graduate Show opens Friday,


Diane Pernet

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