“Legends” by Volker Hinz at the ART_INKUBATOR, Lodz, Poland

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of previewing the "Legends" exhibition at the ART_INKUBATOR in LODZ and speaking with Henrietta Hinz and Krzysztof Candrowicz,  the co-curators of the exhibition. Henrietta is the wife of  photographer, Volker Hinz. Volker Hinz spent years documenting personalities from the 70's till now. He worked for decades for STERN Magazine. I interviewed his wife and will be posting that soon on DP TV. She had so many great stories to tell from Roman Polanski to Jean Michel Basquiat. More on that later. The exhibition opens tonight in LODZ, Poland and will travel to Hamburg in June where Volker Hinz will be present. 

In order of appearance:

All photos by Volker Hinz, for his exhibition "Legends"

Federico Fellini


Helmut Newton

Harrison Ford

John Malkovich


Muhammad Ali

Nigel Kennedy

Woody Allen

More later,



Tymienieckiego 3, Lodz, Poland 

opening hours 9, 12 & 13.05: 5pm – 9 pm

10,11,14,15, 16 & 18.05: 10h – 9pm.



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