The United Nude Eamz Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The 'Eamz' is one of the most iconic heels of United Nude and was inspired by the classic Charles and Ray Eames chair from over 50 years ago.

Rem D. Koolhas, Creative Director and co-founder of United Nude, not to be confused with his uncle the world famous architect,  is the man behind the brand that started with a broken heart and a Cinderella story,  you know how the story goes… In 2003 along with the seventh generation shoemaker Galahad Clark, United Nude was launched. The first shoe was the Mobius. "After I designed the first United Nude sandals the 'Mobius' and the 'Loop' , mybusiness partner Galahad Clark suggested that I come up with a closed toe shoe for Fall – of course, a shoe with a story as this was what we aimed to do. Irritated at first, as I suddenly realized that making shoes would mean designing them on a seasonal bases. I started experimenting with concepts for shoes and heels." Rem D. Koolhas.

Rem D's background is working as an architect where playing with gravity and creating magic is part of the dream. "I wanted to make a shoe with an invisible heel. I looked down and there it was: The Eames chair leg fromthe chair I was sitting on in Galahad's apartment inNYC. What if the heel of the shoe would pretend to be not a part of it but be part of the surrounding? This way the heel would be in disguise and in a way disappear…The chair became a part of the shoe by the simple gesture of remix in design."

The Eamz shoes as well as other United Nude designs are featuring in multiple design exhibitions this year across the globe including the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam and the Brooklyn Museum in New York.




Diane Pernet

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