Larry Clark is the GODFATHER of ASVOFF 6, our tribute to him will be on Saturday October 12, Centre Pompidou



Diane Rouxel and Laurence Bibot

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Thanks to Rad Hourani I met Larry Clark. Rad invited me to come early to his couture show because he said Larry Clark would be filming a scene for 'The Smell of Us' and had asked him to invite a few people to come early and just be there. The seat I was given was  next to two of the stars of that scene in the film, Diane Rouxel and Laurence Bibot, they play mother and daughter. After the scene was shot the producer, and ASVOFF 6 jury member, Pierre Paul Puljiz, asked me if I wanted to meet Larry and Michael Pitt. Of course I did, a few magical seconds and it was over and now, as of this morning….I got a text from the personal assistant of Larry Clark that Larry accepts to be the Godfather of ASVOFF 6, now tell me how cool is that and what an honor. Our tribute to him will be Saturday October 12th Centre Pompidou. It is open to the public, good idea to get there early as there are a limited number of seats. The plan is to screen Marfa Girl at 7pm followed by  a Q & A with Larry Clark. 

Larry Clark director
Larry Clark at Rad's show for the shooting of 'The Smell of Us'

Marfa Girl
Mercedes Maxwell and Adam Mediano, the stars of Marfa Girl 

Pierre Paul Puljiz , producer and Natalia Brilli, producion designer

DP and Michael Pitt_0
Michael Pitt

BIG BIG THANK YOU TO RAD HOURANI who made this happen.

Remember, October 12th, 7pm Centre Pompidou….



Diane Pernet

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