As someone who has been fan, proponent and
originator of independent publishing in the past (The Key, STOP &
CSNA) I'm very excited to announce the launch of my on-line &
limited print edition art & literary journal VACCINE. VACCINE will
feature a varied assortment of
photography, multi-media art & collage, graffiti, short stories
& broken werd. The extremely talented & visionary art director Frank Gargiulo
will be in charge of the design and visual presentation. The early
roster of contributors is nothing short of stellar, including Scooter LaForge, Dietmar Busse, Gazelle Paulo, Bubi Canal, Joel Handorff, HOMO-RIOT, Walt Cassidy, Paul Wirhun, Ethan Shoshan, Honey McMoney, Brett Lindell, Benjamin Fredrickson, Nicholas Gorham,
Jonathan Daniel Federico, Chick Byrne, Marne Lucas, Richard Schemmer,
Allen Todd Yaeger, Derek Dewitt, Natasha Gornik, Max Steele, Maria
Pineres, Bj Dini, Muffinhead, Lee Baxter, Dick Mitchell, Ben
Copperwheat, Clint Catalyst, Jeff Silverman, Simon Crawford, Shain Kish,
Michael Alago & more to come. I am currently accepting submissions
for the first edition which will debut in December 2013 at
No censors. No limits. Ain't no stopping us now. As always, come correct or don't come at all.
Original VACCINE Logo by Mike Lohr @