The debut of Stefano Pilati at Zegna , all illustrations by Ivo Bisignano, text Stefania Seoni

Dear Diane, dear
shaded viewers,

The show that everyone in Milan was waiting for did not disappoint.

The return of Stefano Pilati in Italy with
Zegna was great.
The show was like a  perfect harmonic
musical score, with the  amazing  sound of the pianist Maxence Cyrin and the
video direction by  Johan Soderberg.

1 zegna

Pilati wanted his public to be surrounded by an oval screen installation.

The collection  was treated as if it was a part of an  interactive script,  all came through video and audio suggestions. It  was a sublimation of the traditional manual
tailoring , the heart  of the brand,
translated and revisited  into
original  contemporary composition  that took inspiration from the sound of the
machines of  the group production site.




The sound of the
piano by Maxence Cyrin was interspersed with the contemporary rhythm of techno
industrial music by Klas Ahlund. 

A contemporary script for a collection of precious materials and
discreet details. Pilati gave volume to overcoats  but  never with
excess,  a towel held in a hand  by the models in the most easy way , rreminiscent of a traveller  in a casual, free outifit. Something about the collection made me think of the film "The
English Patient".




later Stefania and Ivo