Floracult 2013 63

Nature, its
culture, art, design and fashion that celebrate old tradition,
craftsmanship and sustainability have been the main features at Floracult, the event created by the pioneer
fashion designer – of Carmina Campus,
brand of ethical fashion which promotes the culture of re-use – which was held
in the Rome countryside at La Storta, I Casali del Pinomise en scene by Studio Dottor,
architects studio of Pietro Dottor.

One of the
features has been the Scuola per reinventori (Schools for re-inventors), in its second edition, curated
by Clara Tosi Pamphili and Alessio De Navasques which hosted a
factory of hand-embroidery and installation that showcased the sketches by Vincenzo Montini along with the vintage
clothes by Elisabeth the first.

Floracult 2013 100
The School for re-inventors


Floracult 2013 93 factory
The embroiderers at work

Floracult 2013 99
The embroidery

Floracult 2013 35

Floracult 2013 96 factory
Vincenzo Montini along with the sketches he made that were on show at the School for re-inventors


Floracult 2013 34

Floracult 2013 46

Floracult 2013 80
Floracult 2013 96
Floracult 2013 98

It was also on
show a bright idea, the digital vegetable
, which joined the multimedia and to vegetable world, giving the
chance to know immediately and easily about a grass by clicking on the picture
of a grass.

Floracult 2013 94
The digital vegetable garden…


Floracult 2013 81orto
…how it works


I also was pleasantly
amazed by the exhibition of photograph made by the visual and performer artist Emiliano Maggi which told about the
tradition of boar-hunting under the sign of grotesque suggestions.

Floracult 2013 23 emiliano


Floracult 2013 25 emiliano 2
Emiliano Maggi


Floracult 2013 32 emiliano 5
Emiliano Maggi


Floracult 2013 24 emiliano 3
Emiliano Maggi

Floracult 2013 27 emiliano 4
Emiliano Maggi

Floracult 2013 61
Emiliano Maggi and mother


art and jewelry as the creations by Delfina
 , little creatures made of
silver, gold and enamel. 


Floracult 2013 52
Delfina Delettrez


Floracult 2013 87
Delfina Delettrez and me

concerning interior design by Costanza Algranti, we spoke and she told me how she found everything
in the roofs oxidized that became an intrinsic part of the furniture she created. The shades depict the silhouette of a woman and other lyrical suggestions
that make these creations something  beyond furniture and closer to an

Floracult 2013 89


Floracult 2013 88
Costanza Algranti


Floracult 2013 costanza
Costanza Algranti


Floracult 2013 costanza (2)
Costanza Algranti