Filming a Fashion Show Chanel Spring Summer 2018 on ASVOFF Web TV today

Dear Shaded Viewers,

With a cause-effect scenography and collection, Spring Summer collection,  the new climat and climax of Chanel at Le Grand Palais, Paris Oct 4th 2017 , Spring Summer Collection. Come visit our Web TV:

Soundtrack: « QE3.mermaids » by Oliver Coates : Courtesy of Oliver Coates / Domino Publishing

« End Of Times Dub » by The Golden Filter Courtesy of Optimo Music

« Dirty Dancing » (Mathew Herbert’s Backroom Dub) by Spoko & Aguayo Courtesy of Comeme / Warp Publishing / Spoko

« 5th New Century » ft. Polina (Inga Mauer Mix) by Philipp Gorbachev Courtesy of PG Tune Entertainment / Ultra Empire Music (BMI) / Mindtripper Music (BMI)

« Diagram VII » (80’s mix) by D’Arcangelo Courtesy of D’Arcangelo « Elektra EndFragment » by Zdenka Kovacicek Courtesy of Igor Savin / PGP RTB

Diane Pernet

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