Voila! is an eclectic Los Angeles based studio dedicated to out of the
box design, ornate objects, and custom framing. Recently, Voila! brought their
whimsical pieces and creations to the showroom WILDFOX. The collaboration
featured devotion to the exotic and unexpected, resulting in a fascinating
world inviting you to explore and discover. 





How long have you
been working with Wildfox?

We started working with them early 2011 and completed their first
showroom the end of May 2011


How did Wildfox
approach you?

Wildfox was working with Brian McShane, a UK based designer, and we
worked with him before. When Brian got appointed to design the Wildfox showroom
he came to us. 


What specifically
are you working on with the brand?

The brand basically got their first ''look'' for their showroom. When
they expanded into Bloomingdales locations that look got transferred. We custom
made all the furniture units for their showroom in LA, from the spindle racks
to hang the clothes, to the flower arrangements, the seating areas, the tables
etc. Some of that got transferred to the Bloomingdales stores that carry the
line. Now we are working on their visual images for the new retail locations
that carry their brand.  They also opened up a showroom in NY.


Why do you think
VOILA! and Wildfox compliment one another?

Wildfox is a relatively new brand, and very creative. Their brand mixes
a vintage feel with modern, and nostalgia with humor, just as we do. 
Their company is growing rapidly and they need things quickly and we can
deliver that. But more importantly, we can translate their message as we
understand it.


Tell us about
VOILA! and why you stand out amongst the other stores in LA?

Voila! is a design studio with an emphasis on original product. Compared
to others, we think more out of the box to make new designs work. We combine artisanal
skills with the latest technology, and work locally with artisans and artists. We
master a wide variety of skills, from metal work to wood work to finishes etc,
along with upholstery techniques for cabinets, and make- up artist skills like
making molds of furniture before the completed product.


Notable clients we
should know about?

Hotel Jerome Aspen, The Cosmopolitan Vegas,  Soho House Los Angeles, The Beverly, Los
Angeles. Interior Designers we also work with are Martyn Lawrence Bullard and
his clientele (Sir Elton John, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, etc.); Amy Kim
Design, Sasha Emmerson, Nikki Sixx; and many others in the entertainment and
music industry.


Future plans for

Create, create, and create. To be inspired, and to inspire.