St Lucia and Boudicca next TUesday 13th December

TUESDAY 13TH  NEXT WEEK!!!!  COME WITh PAPER STAR  & a BOTTLE OF RED WINE TO BE MULLED..ST lucia day means the boys wear red trousers and the girls wear white with a red ribbon….for more details and to see if you can join BOUDICCA contact

Saint Lucia was a saint because of her kindness and her love. She was an Italian Christian who lived in Sicily in the 4th century. Some people believe she once visited Sweden. December 13th is also her feast day.

The way she became a saint was that a man who loved her and Lucia didn’t like him, Lucia’s mother asked her to marry the man but she refused so the man heard about this and he said he would burn her. But Lucia prayed to God to have the power to survive the fire. Because of her kindness to others her wish was granted. The man tried to burn her but she had the power to withstand fire so the man got a sword and stuck it into Lucia’s throat. Still Lucia survived for three more hours speaking beautiful words.

I still have a plaster statue of Saint Lucia that both my friend Stephen di Pietri and I picked up on our first visit to Sicily. I had to glue her head back on a few times over the years but she’s still standing.


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