No Tree No Me – Save the Koala


Sleeping koala

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The problem is still there and the koala is getting closer to extinction every day, adopt one, buy a few trees, help them, they cannot help themselves.

Save the koala
Baby koala
I fell in love with a koala when I held him in Perth over a year ago, only afterwards did I discover how severe the problem was between chlamydia , and greedy land developers not to mention being run over by cars because their habitats keep shrinking and then they fall out of trees and if the cars don't get them the dogs do. 

DP Koala by Miguel Villalobos

After our trip to Perth, Miguel Villalobos drew this image of me and the sweetest koala.

Nkoala group shot
Michael Blakiston took Miguel, Graham, Konstantinos and I to visit the koalas along with our native Australian friends Bella Blakiston, Sonny Vandevelde and Jacqui…



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