A long time ago in NYC 2007 talking to Flasher, among other things my first fashion film festival…YWITW


Dear Shaded Viewers,

This seems so long ago, but as I'm gathering tracks on the fashion film festival from the beginning, so somehow it feels relevant. Flasher interviewed me in NYC 2007. I was there for IQONS, the first internet site that put together a print magazine as an offshoot. It only had one edition but great people contributed from Marios Schwab, Nicolas Formechetti, Vincent Gagliostro, Miguel Villalobos, Michael James O'Brien and cover story was the eternal lovers, the Toledos.

The festival I was talking about was not ASVOFF but YWITW, a co-curated program with my ex-LA collaborator. The interview took place in a freezing hotel room in K town…



Diane Pernet

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