Meeting with the man behind the skin :Isaac Sellam by Sophie Trem

Dear Diane, Dear Shaded viewers,

When i met Isaac Sellam
something like 7 years ago while working at TRANOI i  had this idea he
was not the easy kind: quite rough at first sight, and really
demanding… so everytime i would see him i knew it would be funny cause
by the end i was expecting something happens.



And what happened is that i watched him and his creations growing up all
through the years, with this perfect detailed handcraft ambiance and

Veste croco ISE

He is now distributed in the top most exclusive stores in the world like L'Eclaireur or Antonioli.
He has his own way, his own identity, which makes this pure authenticity touch on every piece he  makes.
has its own sensitivity, and his work for skin is a real jewel of
technics and material, crocodile is has become his signature.
The man is passionate and intense, you have to see him to believe it :))

Veste black ISE

For once, he has accepted to unveil a bit of his secret path 🙂

How did the story begin?

NO choice.
First i just wanted to be a stylist and make a living.
But then when i turned in my thirties, there was nothing else i could
do,  so i decided to launch Isaac Sellam Experience  in 2002.


What was your childhood dream?
To be an architect or a carpenter, i was already a handyman.

Why did you choose to work leather?
Fabric is too easy, plus i dont care about fashion, trends…or what so ever.
All i am interested in is the technic.
doing a garment to be worn, i don't want to tell anyone how to wear it,
and i dont care if i it's not for everyone, i want to keep it that way!

Your philosophy?
I have no idea where i am going!

Your favorite time of the day?
Between 5-8pm when all my emloyees are leaving,  and on saturday,  i love to work in the calm when there is no one.
And of course the best is when i go home and see my family.

Favorite Films?

Anything from the Cohen Brothers, it's always full of nonsens, i just love it!
Im also a big fan of Vincent Gallo.

Favorite group?

Iron & wine, definitely

Favorite season?
Spring/ summer…something always reborn

What makes you happy?

My children, music…finding new ideas and kite-surfing

What would you describe as a vital need?
To create. And to sleep 🙂

If you were an animal?

A big bird, something like an eagle or a condor

What would you do with a magic stick for a day?

I would show the TRUTH to all the ignorants so they finally understand what's really going on!

MERCI isaac for your legendary authenticity!
And special thanks to Eric Kervern for the pictures.