Meet Katharine Parker, business woman at Off-White

In the clear plastic enveloppe emblazoned with the words “Business Woman”, a single business card with the name Katharine Parker bumped around. In an elaborate crest, the Off-White crossed arrows subtly. But what business is hers? None of yours, posits its summer 2017 lineup.

With all these tailored and sophisticated silhouettes, Virgil Abloh clearly questioned the notion of streetwear, cracking open its boundaries to mean clothes you could see on the street. And in the Abloh generation, that means anything from hoodies to double breasted jackets, ruffled gowns and a one-shouldered jumpsuit to crisp blue shirting in a variety of shapes including a midriff baring top. Oh and a belt bag.
The aqua foam cubes brought something of a Google-like coolness in formalized seating as the collection itself also brought a thought to the new generation work-life balance, where 24/7 connection means the ability to switch from one hat to the other without requiring a wardrobe change. Also showcased was the evolution in Abloh’s work, going from updated sportswear to tailored pieces and polished finishes.
One thing was clear: Abloh’s work in Off-White certainly doesn’t need the mealy-mouthed, reality-star-struck adoration that is necessary to find passable other collections he’s involved in. He’s got talent and he’s going places. And if the retail racks are to be believed, Off-White’s business (man or woman) is brisk indeed.
Lily Templeton

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