Sexual Humorous by Taeseok Kang





Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Everyone seems to have their own reaction towards and way of dealing with sexuality, from the blushingly coy to unapologetically extroverted. Former sculpture/jewellery design student and LCF graduate Taeseok Kang created a handbag collection based on the subject.

"The concept was sexual displacement from human body parts. Every single bag relates to an expression of my sexual identity, and the obsession with sexual imagination," he says. With artificial hair and leather being Kang's fabrics of choice, this translates into designs ranging from the quirky Wig Bag to the more bold Booby Bag. "Some people will need courage in order to carry the more overtly sexual bags," the designer admits, but those with a good sense of humour will probably be more than happy to tote a Taeseok Kang around town.