Sensual Subversion – Nicolas Di Felice’s Erotic Choreography at Courrèges Fall/Winter 24 PFW by Leticia Dare

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Nicolas di Felice’s latest Courrèges show was a masterclass in blending the provocative with the stylish, leaving audiences enthralled by his unabashed celebration of sensuality in fashion. With a dramatic installation that mimicked the rhythms of human breath and models nonchalantly sporting low-slung pockets, Di Felice boldly navigated the realms of intimacy and eroticism, wrapping his message in a package of emotional connection and tactile pleasure. His approach to fashion as an intimate exploration wasn’t about shock value but a nuanced dialogue with the audience about what lies beneath the surface—both literally and metaphorically.

Di Felice’s designs paid homage to the Courrèges legacy with a modern twist, merging the brand’s iconic angularity with his unique vision of 21st-century sensuality. He ingeniously reimagined historical pieces, such as a black PVC tank from 1966, to question the dynamics of exposure and concealment. This collection was not just a nod to the past but a statement on the current discourse around the female body in fashion, smartly avoiding clichéd trends in favor of a more thoughtful exploration of Parisian sexual chic.

The collection itself was a revelation of Di Felice’s skill in tailoring and design, offering a gamut of options that played with exposure, wrapping, and concealment, allowing for personal interpretation and adaptation. From the disciplined detail in accessory design to the innovative use of materials like corn-starch latex substitute, Di Felice showcased his ability to craft not just garments but a comprehensive wardrobe that speaks to a community seeking both aesthetic and emotional resonance.

Beyond the allure of individual pieces, Di Felice’s work at Courrèges stands out for its commitment to building a sense of belonging and excitement around the brand. His designs, imbued with “Frisson” embroideries, capture the essence of the thrill that fashion can evoke, perfectly aligning with the anticipative buzz of Paris Fashion Week.




Leticia Dare


Leticia Dare

Leticia Dare is the Fashion Director for ASVOF.