Balmain’s Fall 2023 Campaign: A Heritage Revival Through the Lens of Craftsmanship by Leticia Dare


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Balmain’s Fall 2023 campaign marks a departure from the brand’s previous runway spectacles. In an intriguing move, the focus shifts away from fashion-week extravagance to accentuate the rich heritage and craftsmanship that define Balmain. This deliberate shift is reminiscent of the intimate post-war couture salon presentations by Pierre Balmain himself.

The campaign’s minimalist approach is striking, eschewing props, extravagant locations, and CGI effects. Instead, it places the spotlight firmly on precise Parisian tailoring and architectural volumes, underscoring the collection’s deep connection to Pierre Balmain’s audacious ‘New French Style.’ Notably, the selection of Rafael Pavarotti as the creative partner proves to be a seamless fit, given his mastery of light, color, and texture, which beautifully complements Balmain’s unique craftsmanship and design codes.

The resulting campaign visually encapsulates the essence of modern Balmain, deftly merging the brand’s rich legacy steeped in couture traditions with the allure of twenty-first-century Paris. The brilliant tones, lustrous shine, and captivating models vividly communicate this fusion.

In his own words, Olivier Rousteing, the creative force behind the campaign, expresses his delight with the outcome. It undeniably captures the enduring power and timeless appeal of Balmain, all while showcasing the beauty of a brand deeply rooted in its couture heritage.

Rafael Pavarotti, the creative collaborator, echoes this sentiment, describing the experience as profoundly creative. Their emphasis on the brand’s heritage has resulted in something unique, beautiful, and timeless—an artistic testament to the everlasting charm of the house of Balmain.

“Finding the right partner was easy. I’m a big fan of the richly layered creations of Rafael Pavarotti, and I knew that his distinctive vision, with its mastery of light, color and texture, would offer the ideal pathway to make very clear the ever-bold power of Balmain’s singular craftsmanship, codes and cuts. I could not be happier with the final result. The campaign’s brilliant tones, lustrous shine and stunning models perfectly illustrate today’s modern Balmain, which superbly melds together an impressive legacy, deeply rooted in couture’s traditions and craft, with the beauty of twenty-first century Paris.”  Olivier Rousteing

“Developing the concept for this campaign with Olivier was a deeply creative experience. By highlighting the heritage of the house of Balmain, we were able to create something different, beautiful and timeless. I couldn’t be happier with the results.” Rafael Pavarotti


Campaign Credits:

Creative Director: Olivier Rousteing

Photography: Rafael Pavarotti

Casting: Anita Bitton

Stylist: Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall

Hair: Eugene Souleiman

Make-Up: Chiao Li




Leticia Dare

Leticia Dare is the Fashion Director for ASVOF.