The Claude Montana exhibition in the windows of Didier Ludot in Palais Royal




DP and Claude Montana CdL
Meeting Claude Montana at Didier Ludot's exhibition for him

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I can remember attending a Claude Montana show, the one he did for Lanvin, back in 91 and my hair literally stood up on my arms. His work is nothing shy of genius, a true sculpture, here is a glimpse at a few of his pieces.

Montana window1
Montana window 2
Didier Claude and I
Didier Ludot and Claude Montana

Aisling Christine Philippe David
Aisling Connell , Christine De Lassus, Philippe Pourhashemi and David Herman

Serge Carreira
Serge Carreira

Shaded Montana
A little chat with Claude Montana

Aisling Connell
Aisling Connell off to tonights last show…

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