Friends at Bernhard Willhelm’s Day 3 Paris Fashion Week…

Group shot
Mario Salvucci, Jean Paul L'Espagnard, Bart, Akiko Hamaoka, Miguel Villalobos and David Herman

Dear Shaded Viewers,

There was a virtual mob scene outside of the Bernhard Willhelm show tonight. Shoji has the fashion images but here are a few friends.

NFred and Elle Dor
Ella Dror and Fred Butler

A theo and friend
Theo Mercier and his friend….I'm really bad for names…

Nno flash Jean Paul and Bart
Bart and Jean Paul L'Espagnard

Miguel and dp by Paulo M
Miguel Villalobos just arrived in Paris today

Federico and Mario
Federico Poletti and Mario Salvucci

Miguel & Akiko car
Last stop, Pierre takes Miguel Villalobos and Akiko Hamaoka home and then… over now the work begins.




Blessings to the blond angel….

Diane Pernet

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