When in India … Dress like and idiot? No .. When in India, use your week to start a movement .. Design a logo … Print it, slap it on rickshaws, and then step out in this outfit …
In India it seemed appropriate to wear a silk chiffon Tarun Tahiliani sari to his show …


This wasnt really drag but one is so often misunderstood
And so, there in the middle of Wills India Fashion Week,
Suddenly 15 TV crews … All of whom need an explanation
Well ok … The moustache — an hommage to Salvador
The sindoor, well I am engaged … and have a boyfriend — so its fair playto wear the dot especially in an outfit like this because hey, someone may well hit on me … The movement? Well I do think its absurd that a country that is zooming into the future should have such archaic laws on its books, also BRITISH laws! And so … friends like my dear Varun explains that he has no boyfriend because, well its India and they all have to kinda get into the (societally) arranged marriages …
(Amusingly, the reporters all took this down word for word as youll see if you google Free Gay India)
Anyhow, feel free to circulate this … Spread the word F G I
Having set the subcontintent on its way we must start with the new projects
F G A (F R I K A) and FGUK …
Will someone please help print us the bumper stickers and do a shoot for their countries or continents.
The Indian logo landed up on rickshaws, cars, people’s foreheads — this is noy a political movement, simply consciousness — countries that may seem liberated are actually rife with homophobia and FG… is simply a way of saying that isnt good enough … Besides Isnt this what Gandhijee wanted — Freeedom for all?
Im delighted that this camopaign sees its launch on ASVOF so spread the acronym FGI …


These images were shot a few days later by Rajeev at Delhi’s magnificent Qutub Minal, make up (in a hurry) by felt pen..