Richard Nicoll spring 2012


Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

"L'Enfer" by Henri-Georges Clouzot was Richard Nicoll's starting point to develop his spring collection. You could see it in the discreet, cold silvery accent that polished those pastel shades, the smoky pink, the almost imperceptible gleam that turned turquoise into sparkling water; and you could see it in the way lights painted their profiles on plastic and Plexiglas, or drew shivering shapes on bodies while running through metallic lace. And eventually, almost without noticing, you would feel its whole story: the desire to investigate an obsessed mind turned into need and compulsion, and 46 years later into several layers of transparent fabrics; uneasiness and moodiness suggested by the ambivalent combination of floating light gowns and delicate crinoline cages; and that invisible sharp pain of the mind hidden in pointy Plexiglas stiletto heels.


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