Juan Gatti and Pedro Almodovar – The Skin I Live In


"The natural sciences" by Juan Gatti At "La Fresh Gallery" - (The Skin I Live In by Pedro Almodovar)
Dear Diane and dear shaded viewers,
Yesterday I went to the first exposition by Mr. Gatti. "The Natural Sciences" where I could see the artworks of the last movie of Pedro Almodovar " The Skin I Live In" . Juan is the same of Mr. Christopher Makos to Andy Warhol, he has been working making all the graphic desing for almost all the films by Almodovar. And at the same time he has worked with well known brands like CLHOE, KARL LAGERFELD, or LOEWE. And as well with some different magazines like VOGUE Italy from 1989 to 1990. GLAMOUR France, Visionaire (USA), New York Times, Newsweek and Candy Magazine among others.
In this first exposition at "La Fresh Gallery" in Madrid, you can see "collages" with a perfect cocktail between the study of the human body and the taxonomy of plants and exotic animals.
Yesterday during the private view for friends of Gatti and for a Shaded View on Fashion, I enjoyed with Topacio Fresh and Israel (the owners of the gallery), Luis Venegas, designer David Delfin, actress Bibiana Fernandez, young designer and blogger Pelayo Diaz (katelovesme.net), NY based artist Bubi Canal, Mario and Marta Vaquerizo, or Josie among others.
If you are in Madrid you are invited today to the opening of this beautiful exposition.
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La foto 1

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Artist Bubi Canal
Juan Gatti
Marta Vaquerizo
Pelayo Diaz with David Delfin

Roi Porto

 Tattoo of Roi
Topacio Fresh

The skin I live in