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I've always stuck to BMX's only because of my size…but peddling around Paris can sometimes get tiring with no gears and small wheels and now that my BMX has been STOLEN, it's even harder on two feet! It took me forever to find a vintage bike that's the perfect size and look for me and I found it at Velo Vintage. I recommend it to Parisians who's looking for a cheap practicle ride around Paris this summer, the guys are super nice and helpful and they have a good selection even for liliputians like myself. 

Here's the new bike…no I didn't take the wheels off when I spray painted it, I hope this one doesn't get stolen…





Velo-vintage sells bicycles of French manufacturing from the 60s to the 90s. Eddy and Hugo scour the countryside looking for prime vintage bikes, fix them and sell them at their shop.

58 rue du ruisseau

75018 paris