Checking out the Shangri-La Hotel with Laura Albert aka J T Leroy. Katia Kulawick and Donald Norman

3 katia laura couch
Laura Albert, Katia Kulawick at the Shangri-La Hotel trying the non-alcoholic drinks

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Tonight I met Laura Albert and her fiance, Donald and Katia Kulawick at the Shangri-La. We met for dinner but first got a tour of the hotel.

Laura ALbert

Laura and I went for a tour of the hotel while Katia and Donald relaxed in one of the many sitting rooms. Katia knows the hotel by heart as it is her 'canteen' for breakfast meetings.

Laura on the bed
Laura  decided to check out the bed in the only room that was not rented out. It was a small suite on the top floor that rents for 12,000 EUROS a night.

The terrace
The room has a lovely terrace where you could have your breakfast with a beautiful view of all of Paris.

Egyptian bar
Before rejoining Katia and Donald for dinner we checked out the Egyptian inspired bar.

Donald, Laura Albert's fiance at the table just before we experienced a Classic French and Asian Dinner. You had a choice of two menu's from two different kitchens.

Shangri-La Hotel

10 Avenue d'lena

75116 Paris

All Diane's photos taken with SAMSUNG NX10



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