4Fashionshake Day 2 _ Athens and what I did so far today


Dear Shaded Viewers,

Having fun meeting interesting people and eating too much great Greek cuisine. The publisher of OZON Magazine, Yorgos Kelefis picked me up at my hotel and took me to visit the artist Angelo Plessas and architect Andreas Angelidakis. I was fascinated by their work…Robot Poetry will be performed in Milan this weekend by an actress and Angelo Plessas. Will post more info when I have it.That is just one aspect of Angelo's work. Andreas showed me the design of a resto mixing an ancient culture with a modern one, will post more on that later as well.

Next stop was the atelier of Digitaria with Yorgos Kelefis

OZON Publisher Yorgos Kelefis


 creates both men and women's and a few masks…

For Eleftheria's presentation the other day she had her models come out from their cocoons.



All Diane's photos taken with SAMSUNG NX10

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