Hussein Chalayan Swarovski ELements

NCrystal Pollen
Floating Dress 15
This season Hussein Chalayan chose to present his collection with a film that continues to examine the Japanese culture and exploring the Chalayan DNA. Hussein is attracted to the abstract elements that are Japan. The collection is called Kaikoku or Kai ko ku which means open country. The collection focuses on this hybrid of cultures culminating with a special museum piece the Floating Dress made in collaboration with Swarovski.The dress is remote controlled and can move around and what it releases something that goes on a further journey, the idea is new beginnings. You can see gold next to crystal and next to white paper. It is like a timeless gold and crystal dress. Like a Japanese jewelry box expanded into a dress it is also about technology the figure can wear it or remote control the dress herself. She herself releases the pollin. 

Floating Dress 17
The Floating Dress

Floating dress 2
Floating dress 13
Floating dress 14
I will post the film soon. In addition to being featured in the film made for the Kaikoku collection with the support of Swarovski, the Floating Dress will be on display from July 7th at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in the first major exhibition of Hussein Chalayan's fashion and art works in Paris, co-funded with the generous support of Swarovski.




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