Memories from Hong Kong and my day trip to Dongguan

Dear Diane, Dear Shaded Viewers,

The trip to Hong Kong was great, I did not really want to leave the city. Thank you very much for the hospitaly of Joyce, I was very impressed with the whole organization which was perfect from head to toe.

Here are some memories:


You might wonder how it looks like the Big Buddha's back – here it is.

Jennifer took great care of us on the day trip to the Big Buddha.


Joyce 40th anniversary dinner by Margarett Shu before the party was really nice. I happened to reserve her restaurant for next day's lunch without knowing that she was going to cater the dinner. Of course the lunch next day was perfect too.

Diane's "Madonna" moment.

Our last day in Hong Kong, we learned how to take subway to/from Tsim Shar Tsui ???.

I was little nervous at the border as it was my first visit to Mainland China… and it was very easy to cross the border, I even did not have to get out of the car. The control opened the door and looked at inside to see if the photo matches with the passport.

We could see construction sites everywhere – the city grows so fast and you know, I have never driven that straight highway in my life. The highway from Hong Kong to Dongguan, it was all the way straight, no curves at all…..

At super market : chicken legs again – they were not in orange so I tried this time… might be my last time.

Goverment area of Dongguan. Everything was so huge – roads, buildings… all the plants were very well taken care of.

I stayed in Mainland China less than 24 hours… But at least I have seen a little.

Hope to go back very soon.