My Last Day in Hong Kong

Lunch with akiko
lunch with Akiko Hamaoka

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The last day started with an interview for Elle CHina, then a visit to On Pedder where we met Queenie and showed her the 1-100 collection then off to lunch. Akiko went off to the mainland with a new client and I met with Bartley, Jack and his friend to check out some of the shops and just enjoy my last day.

Bartley and Jack
On Hollywood road with Bartley, Jack and friend

Dp santa

The tree

Bartley Ingram next to the biggest Christmas tree at the Mandarin Oriental, we finally found out how they got it into the lobby. It came in bits and was reconstructed.

My driver
JOYCE provided me with the sweetest driver 



All Diane's photos taken with SAMSUNG NX10.

Diane Pernet

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